all the happenings...

i hope this is no indication of how much i will post - things have been busy!

over the rhine and rosie thomas was wonderful. absolutely wonderful. i rarely go to shows anymore but this was so worth the ticket price (and the parking ticket...oops). beautiful is all i can say. except that rosie was hilarious as usual. incredible - the range of sounds that come out of her.

tomorrow is our housewarming party, finally, after a year of living in this house. i'm so glad that we've created a home here. it feels warm and comfortable and right. but, i should confess, it can be too easy to stay here and not venture out. i guess no matter where we live we create our zones of numb comfort. ours sure is pretty.


libb said...

rosie and otr? ugh. nobody plays here, even though i am too tired to go to shows anyway.
can i come to the house warming party.
i love you.

Rachael said...

Hi Cass

I like your blog! It's great to be able to keep up with what you are doing; it sounds like things are going great. tty soon.

Love -Rach

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Glad you enjoyed the show...we loved it...they have such great energy. Great to see you guys.

adiaspeer said...

hey you have one of these too!! yea! so yeah i totally want to hang out sometime SOON!! email me days you can hang out with me/us. how was the party? sorry we missed it :o(