so, it's been awhile. you know, i just haven't had the energy to post much in these last couple of weeks. it's been hot... so hot. and i've been lazy.

what you've missed is the growth of our chickens... and my chili peppers. you've missed the wonderful time we spent with our great friends and godson. you've missed chris' first day as an adjunct professor at cabrini college in PA. you've missed our trip "down the shore" with more great friends and today you're missing the loads of fun we're having with libby, the pup we are dogsitting for a few days. because of all you've missed i thought a pictorial (can that be a noun?) would be the best way to get you in the loop.

super cool godson

super cool monkey

professor haw

cute kid!

turbulent seas

so many jellyfish! or implants...




funny. and smart.

go watch this video.
i like john stewart so much and i also like, maybe partly because some people are so irrational and silly and vilifying towards him, president obama. despite my desire to keep my hope out of the political realm, i think he's smart and cares about people in this country. he's not trying to kill anyone's grandmother.


a review of sorts...

for the last couple of months i have been in a woman's group going through the book, "traveling with the turtle". i very much recommend joining a group doing this study to women who are interested in women's spirituality and peacemaking. the readings are phenonmenal and the exercises, while usually out of my comfort zone, have surprised me in their depth and relevance. in fact, the only criticism i have for this study is that, while it is written and compiled by two catholic women, is doesn't seem to have a lot of specifically christian content in it. i think there is enough about women's spirituality and women's issues in the scriptures, in other christian writings and in the life of jesus to be included. but i have loved going through this book! and i always love meeting with other women who care about god, justice, and peacemaking. so take a look.