parent fail.

so, Holly advised me to share this story for the good of all my parent and child care friends on the internet. a few weeks ago i did some thing terrible... i locked simon in the car. don't know how it happened but thankfully the car was running w the air on because it was a 95 degree day! i crumbled into tiny mom pieces on the sidewalk, crying, searching for a brick to smash the window in. again thankfully, Kristin and Katie Jo helped me pull it together and suggested calling the fire department. a great idea that would have never crossed my mind! by the time we were finishing the call we could hear the sirens coming up the street. they were so kind to me and apparently do this all the time. simon was fine but i was a little worse for wear. so, the moral is two-fold. 1) try not to lock your children in the car 2) but if you do, call 911 and very helpful fire fighters will save the day.