home... kinda.

a couple of days ago we arrived in colorado after many days of travel, family and friends. it is good to be home - in one of our homes, at least. we've been sleeping, reading, gardening and hanging out with my mom. on our travels we went to ohio, the chicago area, northern minnesota and des moines. we were in mn to celebrate my g-ma's 80th birthday and were able to spend time with family we never see. i love minnesota - the lakes and the birch trees and particularly my family's log homes and cabins (not particularly the mosquitoes and deer flies). pictures are below!


Earth 2100

i really enjoyed (trembled through) this* special on ABC.com. if you have an hour and half and are concerned about the state of our earth you should check it out. disclaimer: i can't vouch for the complete accuracy of this information. it does seem like there are respected and wise voices speaking in it and that what they are proposing are reasonable, albeit difficult and honest, avenues of change.

*click on "this", click on free episodes, click on ABC News Specials, click on Earth 2100 part 1


as promised...

here are some pics and a video of our pullets. (just dropping some chicken terminology) we named them, affectionately, michael doyle (the black one), melissa (the red one), cheryl (the one with white spots), and timothy (the one with gray spots). this could be a bad idea once it's time to make chicken soup but, for now, it's funny to see if the chicken personalities match up to the people personalities.