this is where i am...
lord have mercy on me for being on this computer.


so much work

so, i'm planning this tour for jesus for president and i'm realizing how much will need to get done before this summer! we have most of the cities finalized but now the real work will start in details. i can't help but be real excited though! i don't think most people who know me would expect that i'd be looking forward to life on a bus for a month but i can't wait! 22 cities in 30 days. crazy.



today has been entirely unproductive. which is nice.
we went to mass and i remembered we are in the middle of christmastime, not over and done with it. it was good to feel festive again. then we had lunch all together with a few guests including a great kid, demitrius. he's so engaged and inquisitive. he tried raspberry vinaigrette for the first time and loved it - for a 9 yr old that's pretty amazing. he played with otis, the turtle, and lucy, the dog, and metta, the cat. we thoroughly enjoyed him.
after lunch chris, demitrius, and i decided to go visit our new neighborhood tree berm in the park! i'll post some pictures but the long and short of it is that because the park borders the waste treatment plant whose odors are carried by the wind into the neighborhood, some folks thought it good to plant many trees. these trees create a space for the pollution and odor to be filtered as the wind carries it. brilliant. if you stand in the middle and squint you might almost think you're in a forest. i've been taking lucy there every day.
after the forest adventure we took demetrius home and chris, lucy and i fell asleep on the couch under blankets. mmm.
now, we are at a coffee shop. it's slightly loud as tonight is open mic night and we are right next to some lively young people. but still ok.

in between times of sleep on the couch i was also looking at food blogs, which i love. here are some good ones you should look at if you want to be inspired.

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i love reading about food so if you know of good blogs or books, let me know!