i was just shown these videos a couple of days ago. you have to watch the 1st one first, and the 2nd one second. the 1st can be inspiring, sure, but it's also a little funny. the most amazing part is that michael from LOST is on it. i guess he really did get off the island.

the 2nd video is hilarious. i apologize for a bit of vulgarity but don't let that stop you from laughing. some people are so clever.

whirlwind of events

hello friends. it has been too long since i've posted, i know. this was my initial worry about blogging - that i wouldn't have time to do it. but i'll keep pushing forward.

we had our annual "family reunion" here in camden last weekend. just 50 or so of some good friends living life similarly around the country (and in england). we had a great time. what stuck out to me the most was that we are growing and aging and having families. the kids are older and taking more of the focus and i love it. it gives our communities more love, patience and stability. i think it's a great honor to be interrupted by clara coming (literally) into the middle of a difficult conversation and plopping down to read bambi. i wish i got a picture of that. but i do have others.

and the dads! i love the dads. the moms are wonderful too but i love to see the dads. we know some inspiring families.

we were also able to spend some longer time with darin, meeghan, and justice. darin and meeghan are long time friends of chris' and now mine and we are the godparent's of justice. he's gorgeous and brilliant, of course. i had a great time giving him baths and chasing lucy with him. i miss him and his parents.

and now, i am curled up on the couch in the middle of a snow day. no school only shoveling and reading and napping. later today i think we're going to go and see "there will be blood". sounds good - my friend went to see it and had a panic attack in the middle! but truth be told, i think the attack was about other things. still, it looks very suspenseful.

in other news, the tour is almost fully booked and we have real copies of the book! it should come out to the general public in the next couple of weeks. it looks great. chris and shane have gotten very good reviews and encouragement.

more later. love.