i was just shown these videos a couple of days ago. you have to watch the 1st one first, and the 2nd one second. the 1st can be inspiring, sure, but it's also a little funny. the most amazing part is that michael from LOST is on it. i guess he really did get off the island.

the 2nd video is hilarious. i apologize for a bit of vulgarity but don't let that stop you from laughing. some people are so clever.


Gina Hostetler said...

July 6! Omaha!!! Are you going to be here??? What can I do to welcome ya'll to my fair city? Seriously, if you need anything, please let me know!!

adiaspeer said...

wow great videos! the difference between the two are amazing. i see no way for "us" to screw up this time. we got a winner!

i must have totally missed Michael... i didn't see him :o(

libb said...

like hope, but different.

Linda said...

oh mccain! i really wanted to chuckle at the second video but mostly it made my tummy hurt.