so, it's been awhile. you know, i just haven't had the energy to post much in these last couple of weeks. it's been hot... so hot. and i've been lazy.

what you've missed is the growth of our chickens... and my chili peppers. you've missed the wonderful time we spent with our great friends and godson. you've missed chris' first day as an adjunct professor at cabrini college in PA. you've missed our trip "down the shore" with more great friends and today you're missing the loads of fun we're having with libby, the pup we are dogsitting for a few days. because of all you've missed i thought a pictorial (can that be a noun?) would be the best way to get you in the loop.

super cool godson

super cool monkey

professor haw

cute kid!

turbulent seas

so many jellyfish! or implants...




Heather said...

love the pics! especially the one of that stud of a husband you have all dressed up ready for work. so did he let you buy him new pants or did you have to settle for goodwill?

cassie haw said...

hehe... we got him pants at goodwill and at a clothing store! in that picture he is wearing goodwill pants with a new shirt. marriage is all about compromise.:)

heather said...

i agree! nice work!

adiaspeer said...

you're making me miss my chickens!!!

Mike said...

the first day of school is always exciting. and it looks like you packed him an especially large lunch.

maria said...

Did he have his colored pencils & a new Dukes of Hazzard lunch box?

Courageous COWARD said...

his hair looks messy. classic professor cosmetic attitude.