our house was warmed

so our party went fantastically, if i can say so myself. the food was great, the people were wonderful, and the house was definitely warmed. we had a little liturgy done by father michael to bless the rooms of our house. we had a fire in the backyard and kids everywhere.
it was a crossroads of friends from philly, neighbors, parishioners from sacred heart and fellow teachers from the school. these groups do not normally mix so it was lovely. pictures from the actual party will be posted soon-ish but for now i have a picture of our cute dog, Lucy, and one of our living room.

did anyone see the follow up 20/20 story on Camden recently? what do you think about people sending bicycles and setting up trust funds for poor kids in Camden?



Linda said...

cass, it is a beautiful living room! i can't to see picture of the party and i think i am in love with lucy! plus, i think this has given me hope for my little space here in austin, thanks.

adiaspeer said...

you guys have the biggest rowhouse ive ever been in. still haven't seen the final product...hopefully soon!

Gina Hostetler said...

Beautiful living room, Cass! You definitely have an eye for putting a room together... :) Happy Housewarming!