40 dead

today we remembered the cosmic christ. we remembered, or tried to remember, that the fulfillment of creation through christ is here and is coming. we desperately tried to remember that all life and death will be redeemed. this morning was the mass in which we remember those who have been killed in camden city in the last year. there were 40 people to remember. 4 people killed in the last 3 days. as each name was called a person from their family (or a person from the parish if no family came) came up and received a candle and stood at the front. by the end the church was glowing and the line of people wrapped halfway around.

there was this message in the bulletin today:

Camden, O Camden! There is enough blame that we can all take a bit. Camden is a casualty of racism, greed, fear, real estate profit making, and an economy based on war. The result is blood enough to stain many hands. God of mercy, enlighten us. God of mercy, forgive us. And for all the murdered persons we pray: Eternal rest grant to them, O God, and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace! May God help the city of Camden and change the hearts of the powerful who oppress it!

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Cheryl said...

I'm at a loss for words to respond to the heavy sadness of those 40 deaths. I'm disappointed we had to miss this mass, but thanks for sharing a bit of it.