happy thanksgiving!

i hope you all had a wonderful feasting and thanking yesterday. we certainly did. we had 7 for dinner and friends from philly came over for a huge dessert party afterward. we ate. oh we ate. and we watched the last of the mohicans together and sat outside by the fire. it was a balmy 70 degrees here but when the sun went down it cooled and was quite nice. the day started out sad because i took a nasty fall down the stairs. i am ok but very sore and bruised today. other than that it was a huge success.

this is a picture of the monkey bread i made for breakfast...yummy!

thanksgiving dinner

and today, being black friday, i heard that some anti-heroes are causing trouble at the gallery mall in philly... they believe some nonsense about the holidays being more about love than about shopping and think we shouldn't consume so much -- nothing at all, in fact, on today, the biggest shopping day of the year. crazy. who wouldn't want to wake up at 5am and join the throngs of annoyed and angry shoppers in overcrowded highways and malls? :)

well, i myself am getting my christmas decorations out. chris and i really want to participate in Advent this year. we want to try and be more creative about gifts and tradition - to try and pay more attention to the church calendar and to resist as much as we can, the usual insanity of 'made in china' and stress that are the holidays.


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