we just finished watching the movie sicko. i'm shocked...totally shocked about the health care in this country but especially about the health care in other countries. we should be so ashamed. i feel disgusted.

i realize that this is still hollywood and michael moore is not above dramatizing the facts but researching just a bit of the content in the movie makes it obvious that if even half of what moore presents is true then the US health care system is pathetic.

it's a less than gentle nudge towards the idea of the church taking care of people... and not leaving this work to the government (although i'm not at all opposed to universal health care). the church is so wealthy and it seems to have little creativity for where to spend it. how about caring for people's health? i'm privileged to be a part of the relational tithe that meets the needs of people relationally, health needs and otherwise. i'm also interested in these health care collectives i hear about, who have created an insurance company-free system of caring for its member's health.

the loss of our creativity is a deadly thing.

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