a holy longing

it is advent time, one of my favorite times. we've been reading every night from two advent books and are trying to be present to longing and waiting. it's hard to slow down and experience anticipation but it's helped me to try and pay closer attention to my kids in school, to my neighbors, and the folks on the streets. there is a lot to long for. i do long for cities where children are not forgotten, families who are whole, people who are free from addictions. i long for the fierce motherly love of Jesus to show us the way. i think we need that kind of love particularly.

it does help that winter is finally here!

i also wanted to share the beauty that is our friends dave, caren, and little clara. if there is any family i want to grow up to be like it's them. i love their commitment to using no electric lights during advent. read about it.


libb said...

mm. i love advent. and i love your wreath.

Anonymous said...

your house looks so festive and warm. mom

maria said...

I'm so glad I found you online! We miss y'all and can't wait to see you in February. Hug each other for us.