levon helm

i was listening to npr in the car today and terry gross was interviewing a musician and singer levon helm. i've never heard of him but fell in love with the music he plays. "dirt farmer" is the first album he has put out in 25 years - he was diagnosed with vocal chord cancer but is in full-ish recovery. check him out of you like mountain music.


Anonymous said...

I told you that Levon Helm was a drummer with "The Band". Listen to "Music From Big Pink" an album from The Band's early days in Woodstock, NY. "The Bob Dylan 1974 Tour" was a two-month concert tour that was his first real tour in eight years, performing with "The Band", who as "The Hawks had" once been his little-known backup band. (GOOGLE Dylan at that time.) "The Band" was there as backup when Dylan went from acoustic to electric amid the boooos. Fans thought he (Dylan) should remain folksy, but Dylan believed differently; which turned out to be the future (present) of rock and roll music. And "The Band" was at the center of it all.

cassie haw said...

yeah, yeah. about a second after i posted i realized that he was in the band. he's great.