Our Lady of Guadalupe

today is the feast day of our lady of guadalupe referred to as "like the mama of all the mexicans". (i like that)
we can appreciate the story of guadalupe, whether it's true or not, because she represents the needs and care of indigenous peoples. she spoke not to the conqueror but the conquered. she spoke in his own language and made him a messenger.

good stuff.

i also liked this reading from today.

God saw the world falling to ruin because of fear and immediately acted to call it back with love. God invited it by grace, preserved it by love, and embraced it with compassion.
- peter chrysologus 5th century

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Rachael said...

I'm sorry i don't post more often! I have a hard time coming up with interesting things; I don't build forts, or write interesting quips on patron saints. I think I just have to live vicariously through others....that sounds pathetic, doesn't it?