bad genes

at about 7:35 am today i found out that i have been passed down the gerhke (mom's side) migraine curse. my first one. it was awful! i still feel awful. i got the whole deal... massive piercing headache, nausea, and throwing up. and now i'm so tired, laying here, and thinking of all the things i need to get done.

on an another note, christmas was nice. we went to chris' grandparent's houses in ohio. lucy came too and we had a great time. pictures are coming. chris' grandpa keeps bees and we got to go check them out. and we all got honey! yum. chris put some on my toast this morning, after all my "cleansing".

speaking of cleansing... a different kind, of course... my bathtub is calling.


Andrea C said...

Cass, I am so sorry! I hope you are feeling well soon! I am going to try my hand at blogging while in SF. I can't promise anything! Visit my blog and give me hints! I leave next Sat (1.5).

XO Andrea

Anonymous said...

sorry bout the genes. Go to the Dr. there are lots of things you can take for migraines. Mom