kite runner

chris and i just saw kite runner. i cried through almost the entire book and the same was true for the movie. it is such an incredible story with very talented actors and captivating cinematography.

i don't want to give away anything from the movie but basically it's about 2 young boys, friends, growing up in afghanistan just as the russians and then the taliban take over. it's made me think of many things.
i don't know when we'll be held accountable for the things done to children in our world... it's so horrific. it seems unfair that the children chris and i have one day (god willing) will probably never have to live through what other children do. i guess we never know. that was one idea the movie brought to my mind. how do you raise children to be so courageous and loving? so willing to sacrifice self-preservation for the needs of others? i suppose we, the adults, have to mirror it. and so, it comes back to me. how do i become courageous and loving? how do i become willing to sacrifice the preservation of me for others? can i do the little things that inconvenience me? can i talk with jim a little longer outside my house the next time he comes around? can i invite shanna in to sit on my couch for pb&j and soymilk (she loves the stuff, it's weird) when the absolute last thing i want to do is deal with is a needy addict (just being honest). can i greet the men who stand on the corner with a little more trust and love than i do?

ok... so as i type those out they embarrass me. they seem easy. ok, so if those are easy and i struggle doing them could i put my life at risk for my friends? could i actually lay down my life?


MeesheMama said...

Good questions.

Cheryl said...

i read it.
hard to know how to respond...
but good questions to keep thinking on and discussing