trying somethig new....

i have held out for so long refusing to join an online community or start a blog but here i am! finally i've joined the ranks and i'm happy to be here.

we've had a lovely halloween in camden. we decorated and pass out candy and ate wild rice stuffed acorn squash, mashed butter potatoes/sweet potatoes and baked apples with vanilla ice cream. yummy.

tomorrow is a day off from work due to all saints day (the perks of working in a catholic school) and my plan is to end it with an over the rhine and rosie thomas show. i'll be sure to share all the details.

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Anonymous said...

hey cassie,

welcome to this (however impersonal) community of sojourners and pilgrims. you will find through other's writings, that you are not alone...
please share details of over the rhine (i first heard of them while staying with ya'll in camden); i'll be seeing them in december at calvin college.
sure do miss the camden house. thanks for being true!