time off....

i feel so relaxed right now... almost bored (shhh). it's a great feeling. we've been hanging out at chris' mom and dad's house for the last day and a half with good food, good sleep, good conversation and big trees. it's sunny but breezy. it's slow and happy.

i've had time to answer emails and to read my book (i'm actually kind of reading 3!).

jeffrey eugenides' "middlesex: a novel"

david sedaris' "when you are engulfed in flames"

greg mortenson and david oliver relin's "three cups of tea"

i've had time to check out some of my favorite blogs. one of which i've told you to visit before but i'll remind you again, soulemama.

she is so inspiring. now, i'm not terribly crafty so when i have kids it'll be a stretch to be as creative as she is. but i'm going to try.

what else have i done with my time off? showered (i haven't been this clean in 2 weeks!) and shamelessly watched internet tv. i'm not telling you which tv show though, because everyone makes fun of me.

i'm also preparing to leave tomorrow for a festival of 30,000 people. deep breathes and centering prayer.

denver is our next stop after that. i'm ready for that dry heat and my mom.

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Rosabelle said...

i love internet television. have fun in colorado - tell your mom and libby i say hello.