california love.

san francisco - love that city. we hung out with good friends and family: darin, meeghan, justice, gwen, tim, andrea, stacey and others. we had philz coffee and walked around china town. very nice.

fresno - hot but friendly. this stop had the most enthusiastic crowd we've had so far! we stayed with some great people in the lowell community and got to hang out with the folks, especially beth, at the pink house. i spent some of my growing up not far from fresno, in stockton. fresno seemed really similar to stockton. california is a nice place to visit but i don't think i'd want to live there. thats good, i'm knocking places off my list. it helps me make decisions, knowing what i'm missing.

we are now heading to ventura and are hoping to spend a little time at the beach. after that the boys are trying mighty hard to get me to let us take a detour to the grand canyon and rent donkeys to take us down into it's depths. seems a little expensive and time consuming to me but they are wearing me down little by little. (don't tell them that)

here's a photo of beth in front of the pink-ish house. i'm bad at documenting our trip - i'm going to do better.

tomorrow: more on how ventura was, with pictures.

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