the divine liturgy of the exiles

i spent today in the bus listening intently to the psalters cd, the divine liturgy of the exiles. i've listened to it before but i've never given it the time it deserves. i read every lyric and listened to every note and i come away amazed, mystified, fearful and in awe. kind of dramatic language, yes, but it's kind of a dramatic look into what i believe, is the heart of god. their songs are hopeful and joyful but they are also piercing and honestly, scary. they sing scripture so raw - the anger of god towards us, those who, as one of their songs says, are 'peace-talkers with hearts of war' is very clear. but so is god's love and the admonition of the church to care for those around us, especially the least of these. for most of us these ideas are not new and yet their music makes them new and makes them urgently imperative. they say they are singing and playing the music for and of the refugees, of those in exile, which includes the church, aliens in a strange land. they want to make more clear the connection between worshipping god and being people of justice.

we are very blessed to be traveling with scott and jay (2 of the many members of psalters) and i really am so excited about the talent in their voices, in their instruments, in their lyrics, in their vision.

please visit them at: psalters.org and myspace and do buy their music and do tell them what you think.


Mike said...

So true. The Psalters are so vivid, and deep, and insightful, and raw. I love them, and that album is incredible.

bottomland said...

That album is one of the only "Christian" albums I listen to, and it can get under my skin like nothing else. I am so thankful to God and the whole Psalters gang for this music. The son "All You Weary" makes me cry. Every. Single. Time.

Love to you and the boys, and I'm so glad for you that your HOME and can REST! (Nothing like a trip to ol' NH to rejuvenate, huh?) ;)