so i'm in the airport dreading my flight to san francisco. yes, i hate flying. i've realized that it's an unlikely scenario, me plummeting to the ground in a huge mass of metal, but nonetheless i don't like it.

i did have a great time in colorado with my fam though. we had dinner with chris' sister and brother-in-law (who are pregnant!), i hung out with lib and some friends, conor, alyssa and kristen, and spent a lot of time my good 'ol mom. this morning we went to red rocks and walked around, then had ice cream in morrison. here are some pictures.

we've spent a lot of time with other dogs on this trip. they make me miss lucy so much. they also make me hope to have another dog soon.

now i'm off to join the tour in san fran. there we also have wonderful friends who i'm looking forward to seeing.

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Beth D. said...

oh cassie, i was planning on going to see you in San Fran on Saturday. You see my problem? you were there on Friday and I missed ya. I'm so sorry I missed you, I'd been planning for at least a month to see you on Saturday and only realized last night after a fireworks show that I'd gotten my dates mixed up. You were only an hour and 15 minutes away from my front door. :(

se la vie. i guess it wasn't meant to be. Keep having a God-filled tour. I'm praying for you in all your hardships and glories.