day 8 and 9

day 8
hartford, ct was very nice indeed. it was a smaller crowd but a much more lively one. the catholic worker house there made us an incredible dinner - so yummy. (why do i always report on the meals?) they had a nice dog, riley, who i got to snuggle with a little. one of the families who live in the catholic worker have 2 teenage sons who have always been raised in community. there pretty amazing. i feel like i haven't seen tons of teens raised in this kind of lifestyle who are well adjusted (granted, i don't know many) but these 2 seem to be. it makes me excited to try out different models of family.

day 9
oh canada! i am so happy to be in canada! i love it already. we had kind of a nerve racking but funny experience at the border. so, of course, as soon as they saw the bus we were immediately sent to immigration to have the bus checked out. an armed officer comes in and asks what we were doing here in canada, so we told him. then he asked if any of us had been arrested. silence. we all just looked around the bus at each other. then finally one of us said "well, i don't have a criminal record" which sounded like "i have a really good lawyer". then the officer said that if he found out we were arrested before and had not told him we could go to jail. so then one by one we all went around and said, "yeah, i've been arrested..." but for good reasons! we explained our civil disobedience against the war and our officer loved it! he's also opposed to the war. we joked about how great canada is and he giggled about the title of the book.

then we went to niagra falls! here are some pictures.

"we are so excited to be here!"


lara said...

that is a much better reception into canada than when chris tried to go with shane. lucky!!

Beth D. said...

Cassie, i was hoping that the story with the officer ended well. as i was reading, i thought, this could be a great witnessing opportunity! I'm really glad that you weren't arrested! And i'm totally jealous that you went to Niagra Falls. Thanks for the pictures.

keep the updates coming. I'm praying for you guys, for everything you've been through and for the rest of the trip.

MeesheMama said...

I'm in love with dan in a neck pillow.

I was wondering about you all being let into Canada.... You crazy kids.

amber said...

scott looks oddly clean cut in that photo

Cheryl said...

Those are great pictures. And what a funny story - you'll enjoy telling that one to your grandkids. Hope these next few days are really restful. Give Mary Jo our greetings!