day...? i think 7?

(written 6/29)

we were in nyc yesterday and last night. while i love visiting new york, navigating through the traffic and street patterns with a school bus is hardly ideal. the event went well although was a little quiet for our tastes. it may be that new yorkers are not as quick to give themselves over to something but afterwards lots of people came up to us to let us know how thankful and encouraged they were. we even saw a few old friends. we were able to stay in nice apartments on soft surfaces with air conditioning! jimmy, our host pulled together an amazing lunch before the event as well. (thanks again!) we slept in till 9am this morning and are now on our way to hartford, ct.

i hope to get some pictures here, i haven't been very good at taking them on this trip.

i think we're all getting a little sick of each other or are tired and stressed - maybe both. we'll need to get over this hump, though, we have a long way to go.

after hartford we travel to toronto - yay! i've never been to canada.

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