from a victorian castle to the bruderhof

so, now that we're home i found the time to get the pictures off of my phone and can finish telling you all about our fascinating trip.

the castle was amazing. we were the only guests that night which was a little creepy but the bed was so comfortable i didn't have any trouble sleeping. the grounds were gorgeous! i loved it. i recommend to anyone in the philly area if ever in need of a vacation go up to this area. it's only 2 1/2 hours away and is so beautiful and there's so much to do. do it.

from there we went to stay a night with the bellvale (bruderhof) community. any chance we get to spend with these folks we jump at. as per usual it was a restful and thoughtful visit. again, the weather was perfect and we visited chickens and goats and walked around the lake. we joined in their daily rhythm with family time, singing, a very local dinner and evening reflections. we sat around the fire with some of the members we met last time we visited and shared our frustrations and encouragements about community life. i always leave a visit to their communities feeling heard and appreciated and inspired. i respect that they don't see their model of community as the only way and really seek to learn from others. i appreciate their sense of humor and simplicity. i'm thankful for their interest and support of our community.

on the way home the next we got stuck in an almost 2 hour traffic jam. that was quite a juxtaposition - coming from simple, peaceful bellvale only to end up very frustrated and surrounded by hot, running cars.

here some (bad) photos in and around the castle.


Gina Hostetler said...

Gorgeous, peaceful, lovely. Did you know that my first teaching job out of college was in that area and I lived in a beautiful victorian home in Warwick? The area is quite wonderful.

Also, a comment on your thoughts of life in the "country". I always swore that I would never desire life in a small town, but now the older I get (ohhhh...I hate saying that!) everytime we visit or drive through a small town a little part of me is intrigued by it. I think it's the idea of a slower pace of life, of quiet bike rides...I don't know. I don't know that it will ever be for us, but it certainly does surprise me that I would even find it compelling.


Beth D. said...

Keep meaning to tell you, Cass, you are a wonderful photographer. 2nd pic down from the top, i need that framed! really georgous; sounds like you had a wonderful time.

libb said...

so, so pretty. oh, the bathroom makes me want to take a bath or just be in it.
and the bed and the fire place, perfect place for chris to be on his computer?!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary you love birds! We just celebrated six years on the 9th, which I can't believe. I also can't believe how well those camera pictures turned out! It looks like a magical spot! :) We can't wait for a visit from you all! The sooner the better!

joshua said...

hey cassie!

thanks so much for having us last weekend. great meal, great times. wish we could spend more time.

take care,