chickens in the city?

chris and i spent a few hours in a book store (on a lovely rainy day. sounds perfect doesn't it?) reading about how to keep chickens in the city. we feel pretty sure about trying it out this year. we'd like to get a dog at the same time as we order chickens so they can get to know each other... so as soon as we find a dog we'll get our hens.

we're getting them primarily for eggs and love. we love chickens!

i'm trying to find a local poultry society or club here but as is typical with my beloved south jersey, things that would be helpful for sustainable living or urban homesteading are difficult to find - possibly non-existent.

if anyone has connections to jersey chicken lovers or has a tip or advice, please share it!


adiaspeer said...

hey! i talked to my friends who have the farm and they said that they don't (or at least they haven't so far) gotten any babies. she thinks the rooster is too small to "do the job" i guess size does matter :o)

anyway she mentioned that feed stores and even places like the Tractor Supply Store will have chicks (they'll order the 25 from a hachery then sell them individually) around Easter.

let me know if you guys find anything else out... we're on board for 3-4 in the spring.

libb said...

i love city chickens!

Beth D. said...

Cass: had to say that I found your hubbies book at barnes-n-noble. went home to find an awesome review online!

i love the chics. keep us posted on how it's working out!

Heather said...

You two are so funny! Love the chick idea!

I got your little note from Lynda today to add to the sweet baby book she made. You and your sis wrote me the same quote from Khalel Gibrans. I thought that was so cool...you two are obviously related!
Thank you!

Love you!