pottery and once.

i wanted to show off one of my husband's many talents: pottery. here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

in other news, tonight we finally saw the movie once. i'm always the last one to do/see/hear/experience cool things so i bet all of you have already seen this film. but if by some strange chance you haven't, please do!! even chris loved it. the music is beautiful and the characters are so endearing.


Anonymous said...

The evolution of that pot through the pictures are great! And I'm so glad that you finally saw Once and that you enjoyed it! :) We both really loved it too (as you probably saw when I gushed about it on my blog).

libb said...

are you also trying to show off chris' pecs?

Lora said...

i LOVED that movie...and the music nearly makes me weep when i hear it, which, i promise, never ever happens. i don't usually even HEAR the music in a film.
and chris' pot is quite amazing as well, tho it didn't make me weep.