i'm still kicking

sorry for my lapse in posting. i'm waiting to get a new camera before i show you all the most recent addition to our family, victor. (our dog) he's great.

tomorrow is my first day back to school. i'm not looking forward to it at all for some reason. i think i may have a mild case of depression. i'm not looking forward to anything right now. i don't want to lay around but i don't want to do anything either. i don't want to be alone but i don't want to be with people. i suppose it's related to the transition and loss i've experienced in the last few months... nothing to be alarmed about. it will pass as i begin to and continue to process. but it's not a good way to start a new school year.

i'll post pictures of my cute new pup soon. any more recommendations on cameras?


Heather said...

sorry to hear your not feeling so hot. i hope that the kids are good to you today and they can give you some laughs this week. can't wait to see pics of victor!!! love ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I just talked to you and you didn't say anything. I do understand and am myself in and out of feeling a little (sometimes a lot)down. Be good to yourself and drink lots of water (that might help). Send me pics. I can't wait to see Victor. Love love love YOU. Mom

Michael said...

Come visit us, please. I'd love to hear from you face to face. And share some our fresh tomatoes.