there's a chill in the air!

i know i've been negligent in posting recently and that's because things have been so busy around here! also, i still don't have a camera and i tend to think that posts without pictures are sort of boring! (at least my own are) i don't have a camera yet because my wallet was stolen in a ritzy suburb on my date night with chris. so we've been very low on funds and a camera is not an option. (the bank should reimburse the funds stolen soon)

i am thrilled that fall is nearly here! one might call me giddy. i love that this season, in the midst of the last burst of life before winter, there are so many new babies on the horizon! chris' sister, heather, is due next month and my great friend holly is due at the end of this month... chris' best friend from high school is getting married soon too! i've always found a lot of depth in autumn and in the cycle of life that seems so clear to me at this time of year. i thinks it's almost more transformative than spring. i feel bittersweet to let go of warmth and life but almost ready to embrace quiet, empty winter. and i love the colors and flavors and smells and sweaters that accompany the fall.

tim, cheryl and our new-ish friend, art, and i went to the famer's market this morning and i felt i had to buy some zinnias and squash to welcome this season in. i love that i had to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants.


i leave you with some pictures of last fall.


Anonymous said...

so much for the ritzy suburbs :}
ditto on all the fabulous fall fun!! loveyou!!! mjoxoxoxo

Cheryl said...

Hugs for fall - it's not supposed to get above the 70s all week!

Let us know if you'd like to borrow our camera instead of just making excuses... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Cheryl! We want more posts, and if a borrowed camera is the way to get there, so be it! I wish you guys could come up for a fall weekend... It would be so fun to go apple picking with you! We miss you!
love from NH...

emilyjane. said...

i am so jealous. I live in the land of forever summer (i'm in singapore right now, and living in malaysia for the rest of the time... so ya. it never dips below like 80 degrees.)

i've been ghost-reading your blog for a while, so thought i should say hi :) and my blog is at www.emilyblogsnowtoo.blogspot.com
miss you guys!!


Heather said...

we're getting very excited for baby dopke to arrive. hoping he'll come sooner than later so i don't have to be induced. troy's got his new watch ready to time contractions. our bags are packed and we're ready to go!!! can't wait to see you at christmas!