brother mickey o'neill mcgrath

i wanted to share the art of a very talented person i heard speak last night! i've been buying his christmas cards for a few years now and having a print of his hanging in my house.

the holy family

mary visiting elizabeth (perfect for advent!)

i love his work and hearing him speak and seeing more of his paintings was wonderful. if you like iconic art and have a good sense of humor you may like him. visit him here.


MeesheMama said...

When we were on our road trip, our old pastor gave us a church calendar for the new year, and it was entirely illustrated by this artist. I LOVED it. I have even framed certain months' pieces for the boys' room. However, I have not been able to find any duplications of any of those prints, and the website shows samples but they are so teensy and have the watermark all over them. I am really glad for (and envious of) your opportunity to see him.

Thanks for the party! Fun for all. (On our way in and out, Elias was completely taken by the "frossy a snowman waif-ing" across the street from the house. No offense, but I think that might have been his favorite part. That, and the cat fountain....) =)

MeesheMama said...

*clears throat*

It would seem that i made a comment to your blog that was both relevant and irrelevant. You did not have a party that we came to and you may or may not have a snowman across the street. Darn RSS feeds. I'm so embarrassed.

~Beth D. said...

I love the advent picture. It's gorgeous! (how do you spell that?)

adiaspeer said...

i never know if i'm suppose to reply to the comment you made on my blog ON your blog or on my blog... i'm confusing myself. anyway YES we should get together after Christmas but before school starts again!