51 gone

on the sunday before the beginning of advent season we remember those who have been murdered in camden city and camden county since the last november. last year there were 46 (if i remember correctly) people murdered. this year there have been 51 men, women and children murdered in camden city and 7 murdered in the county. this is the highest number in the last several years. at this point, camden is back at the top having been named the #2 most dangerous city in the nation.

we pray for those who have died, for those who have been left behind and for our city, that we would stop this madness.

yesterday, the first sunday of advent, our church celebrated and blessed the pregnant women among us. i love that this celebration follows the remembrance of those murdered. i think it's hopeful and beautiful. unfortunately, i've been sick but i heard the mother's were lovely... one, more notably so, cheryl - our community-mate! we're very excited!


Anonymous said...

I'm so saddened to hear of Camden's designation and present fate. I pray that Camden will know peace, and I believe it will one day. How beautiful to honor the pregnant women at the start of Advent, and it does seem appropriate to do so after the remembrance of the dead. Somehow life does go on, the cycle of birth, life, death... It is a mystery, but one we would all do well to meditate on. Peace to you this Advent!

~Beth D. said...

Cassie, I love your passion! Keep sharing.