Boston College

well, friends. here we are in boston, ma visiting the esteemed jesuit university, boston college.

i don't know if all my many, many readers (ha!) know that chris is considering getting his PHD and that the place we're most seriously considering is boston college. there are so many factors contributing to the decision to come to boston it's overwhelming. we love most parts of our life in camden and if we leave there's a good possibility we'll never find the wonderful things we have there anywhere else, ever again. but this would be the time for chris to get his doctorate if he wants to teach and this is one of the best programs out there, having most of the things chris would want in his study.

anyway, so far the campus is beautiful and the weather is cold. we will explore this area today and tomorrow our wonderful friends will be meeting us in the city and we'll explore boston - and figure out if we can even afford to live here.

any boston "musts"? places we have to go, food we have to eat?


Mike said...

I'm excited about this possibility for you two, though I'm not sure if Chris can get much smarter!

I've only been to Boston a couple of times, and you all may well be home by, but I must commend breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts. There is one on every corner, and usually in between. And the holocaust monument is pretty moving, and Fanuel Hall is pretty cool for a giant food court. They have great chowder there.

adiaspeer said...

BOSTON!?!? personally i think Chris is smart enough as it is and you should stay put! :o) but if you do go i'll be super sad but we'll definitly visit 'cause we've never been to Boston!