chris is super proud of his newest creation and you know what, i am too. it's great and really shows how far he's come as a potter. so here it is (unglazed): teapot.

in other, related news, we had an arts event with some local artists in our home a couple of days ago. chris, and our friend ben, sold pottery, melissa sold thai goods from an initiative called "warm heart", and blew made and sold wonderful coffee drinks through her travelling coffee house, leotah's place. it was an experiment and it went really well. so, we'll do it again in the first few days of december and invite more people and maybe more artists as well. i'll keep you posted!

blew's coffee was amazing. some of the best i've had... and she can do the leaf thing with foam, you know what i mean.


adiaspeer said...

he should be proud.... it looks AWESOME! can't wait to see the finished product.

invite me to the next party (i won't bring the breakers of all breakable things with me) i'll need to do some Christmas shopping :o)

libb said...

the teapot is so pretty.