home sweet home.

we're finally home and enjoying ourselves immensely. well, chris is throwing tons of pottery to make us some money and i've been complaining about the humidity. but we've also been spending time with our chickens (they love frozen watermelon and cooked spaghetti) and in the garden and we saw the newest harry potter movie, which i liked and the theater was a great respite from the heat.

i thought i'd share some photos from our garden and chickens... and one of our car carrying our big canoe. the canoe was my dad's and i have many memories of being on the rivers and lakes with him. i'm happy to have it.

i think when cucumbers turn yellow, that's usually bad. ?

thai chili peppers!

i love zinnias!


Heather said...

I can't believe you guys drove almost all the way across the country with that canoe!!! Love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

As much as I miss and love being with you......I know 'there's no place like home'......you sound very content. pics are lovely...wow-how my grandchickies have grown!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxomjoxoxox

adiaspeer said...

i was marveling at all of your growth when i was there last week... beautiful little spot you have carved out in Camden!

you let your chicks out!!! yay!! do they stay close? oh and chicks LOVE mini marshmallows, at least ours do, when i tried to give "MANlissa" one while he was here he looked at me like i had 3 heads. i'll have to try the treats you listed.

p.s. grandchickies... LOL!!

lara said...

so sad i missed the pottery sale. i want to gt my hands on some of that though. i just had a rough day:( i will talk to ya'll tomorrow at the wedding...