movie review!

i wanted to share about a great movie i got for my birthday and finally watched this last week. i saw parts of what babies want years ago and have thought about the clips ever since. i was concerned that it might be a movie that would make mothers and fathers-to-be feel more pressure than they already do to make their baby's entrance into the world safe and healthy but it turns out that "what babies want" inspires and comforts. i highly recommend it if you're someone who has had children, is going to have children, or is just obsessed with babies and birth like me!


maria said...


I'd love to watch this. Thanks for letting us know about it.

How are you & the hubby? Any news on school, babies, Camden, anything? It was so weird not seeing y'all in February; it was like missing some essential part of our yearly routine. Oh well, we'll wait until August!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Cassie, just watching the short trailer gave me the chills! I'd love to watch this with you sometime!

And I echo Maria's comment!