i'm a part of a little publication initiative called conspire... if you like to read magazines, or consider yourself a writer or an artist read below! (oh, and check the website for where you can a copy of the first issue, coming out april 1st)

DATE: Summer 2009 (July)

: Revolutionary Acts


When it is yellow do you let it mellow? Have you U-locked your neck to a war plane? Do you know a guy who knows a guy who went to Gaza? Do you have a Ché T-shirt? Do you only ride a bike? Do you only eat food that fell from the vine? Do you only eat food that came from a dumpster? Do you spend a good bit of your time paralyzed by the fact that at any moment what you do could oppress someone somewhere?

For those of us who are desperate for the kingdom on earth, revolutionary acts can be the fringe version of “keeping up with the Jones. “ In this issue, we explore what transformative and healing change really look like. In what ways can our revolutionary acts inspire and build up? In what ways can they destroy community or be destructive? What exactly is that true balance of fearless leadership, gentle spirit, pure motive, and organic, fair- trade living?

We aren’t trying to impress each other here, but to really work with the powerful—and the icky—sides of revolutionary acts.

Here is your chance to probe mystery of an insistent call and the consequences (physical and spiritual) of taking a stand. In part, we imagine a compendium of amazing and inspiring ideas shared by creative souls. But if we are honest, we’ll also grapple with some of the spiritual byproducts of revolutionary living--good and bad. Does it set us free, and how? Does it unleash ego, judgementalism, the need to prove something (what? to whom?). What are the spiritual fruits of failure or the challenges of success?

Tell us a story-- your own or the story of someone you know. Whisper your dreams of a new way.

We are looking for various kinds of materials: Articles: Articles can range from 200 to 1,500 words, Artwork & Photography, Poetry, Short Fiction, Reviews, Letters To The Editors

The deadline for submissions is April 20, 2009.

Send queries to: editors@conspiremagazine.com

WHO WE ARE: Conspire! is a quarterly publication that shares stories of community, revolutionary love, and creative new visions. Conspire! stubbornly insists that small, daily acts of faith, conviction, and integrity can change the world.

List of Community Co-conspirators: The Simple Way, AWIP, Rutba House, New Providence Community Church, Servants Vancouver, Flood, Centurions Purse, Camden Community Houses, Transforming Leader's House, Alternative Seminary, Walnut Hills Fellowship, Christian Communites International, Hyaets, Lahash International, Conspiring For Coatesville, Harlem House, Coral House Community, Raising Micah, Circle Venture, DC Area Community of Communities, Reimagine, Nehemiah House, The Banner House, Communality, Solomon's Porch, Circle Venture, Mulberry House, Tolstoy House, Hyaets, Detroit Villages Lahash International, Reba Place, Relational Tithe, and more to come...


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