A Cradle Song

he's here! our son, simon james haw, was born june 11, 2010 at 4:49am. he weighed 7lbs and 8oz and is gorgeous. it was a wild ride as we had planned a home birth with wonderful midwives... in the end though, i had to be induced because of mild preeclampsia. so i delivered at cooper hospital after 36 hours of labor! i barely remember it though, at which my midwives laugh because i lost my sense of perspective so many times throughout the process... meaning i cried and wailed and said there was no way i could do it. but i did it. without chris, though, i never could have. he was incredibly patient and kind and empathetic and connected to me. i was very lucky to have him, my 2 midwives and a good friend with me at the hospital. the policies and rules and ridiculousness is enough to make a woman lose heart - without support i don't know what would have happened!

but it just doesn't matter because he's here! we have no idea what we're doing but simon has been patient with us.

this morning our priest, fr. michael, came over to see us and bless the little one and he recited for us the most beautiful poem. a friend of his, patrick collumb, from his native ireland, wrote "a cradle song" about the sense he got that when a baby sleeps it travels up to heaven, just for a bit. and when that baby smiles in it's sleep it is experiencing all the peace and wonder it can. but to hear fr. michael say it... so lovely. (mavourneen means my darling)

O men from the fields,
Come gently within.
Tread softly, softly
O men coming in!
Mavourneen is going
From me and from you,
Where Mary will fold him
With mantle of blue!
From reek of the smoke
And cold of the floor
And the peering of things
Across the half-door.
O men of the fields,
Soft, softly come thro'
Mary puts round him
Her mantle of blue.


Anonymous said...

I hope you know that I mean this in the best way when I say that I want to eat him up. He is so so precious, and I know you are just in awe of him.

--Gina Hostetler

Heather said...

I was SOOO excited to see a post!!!! Thanks for sharing! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Poem

Anonymous said...

A hearty congratulations to you two! please tell chris 'hello' for me.

-josh livingston

sarah said...

I'm excited to see the little one. And you and Chris, of course. Must come over the bridge sometime soon. :)

Amy said...

It's been so long since I visited your blog so my congrats will reach you late. Your baby is nearing two months old already! I hope it's been a joyous two months. Congratulations! What a amazing birth story you have to share, I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well.

I've been thinking about you for the past couple of weeks, I wanted to kind of pick your brain if you have the time. Recently I moved into a newly formed community and we live in a violent neighborhood. I wondered if you know of any resources or outlets for my questions (like other mom's that might have a perspective on this, books or other advice). I feel incredibly discouraged and I am the only one in the community with children. I feel that finding other people who are raising kids in this type of situation might be helpful to me? Hopefully?

Thanks in advance, and congrats again! Such a sweet boy!