i'm sorry for the month-long blog hiatus... you know how it is. during that time, though, we did travel to holland, germany and switzerland! we were able to go because of Jesus For President stuff. so chris and his co-author were mostly speaking at churches and i just tagged along. we had a great time and met great people. it is so wonderful and embarrassing that everyone (a lot of people) in europe speaks english. the catholic/protestant dynamic was also fascinating... i haven't learned much about it but i know that when chris mentioned we were catholic many found it shocking and confusing. the church is divided everywhere but i really felt the deep divisions in europe. knowing a bit about the history of the church in europe, of course, sheds some light on why things may be the way they are. we had some good conversations about it and i think that there are folks over there wanting to bridge those gaps.

so here are some photos! (they are not in order...)

country side in holland

utrecht, holland

basel, switzerland over the rhine (river)

rhine river

and again...

cute little goat at st. crischona in switzerland



the home we stayed at in switzerland

the church at st. chrischona

the 5 little goats and the mean old wolf (in marburg, germany)

beautiful church in marburg


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adia said...

love the pictures especially the Rhine ones.... how did it feel to be "over the Rhine"? literally!

emily said...

wow! that looks amazing i'm jealous!!

libb said...

pretty, pretty. and i love the half thumbs up thing chris does. too funny.

Anonymous said...

can almost hear julie andrews..........xoxoxoxoyomamma

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures! I wondered if you were on a book tour, I saw a nice picture of all of you on Annika's facebook. Glad you had such a wonderful trip, those were all beautiful places.