women's midwinter retreat

i was fortunate enough to be a part of a wonderful women's gathering last weekend in new hampshire! it was hosted by a kindred spirit in her little country cottage. we gathered around the wood stove and talked and laughed and cried a bit. we shared about our struggles of being christians in a Church that historically overlooks the contributions and presence of women and we went deeper into those places where we have been welcomed. by st. julian of norwich, the catholic worker movement, some of our small communities, poets and writers, the scriptures, our mother god etc. we talked about becoming women more fully instead of what i sometimes see in parts of the feminist movement - suppressing gender and denying our differences as men and women.

some books we read and/or shared:
the dance of the dissident daughter by sue monk kid
caretakers of our common house by carol lakey hess
she who is by elizabeth johnson
is it ok to call god mother? by paul smith

and here are some photos: (what an idyllic place to live and work and raise children!)

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