mi vida loca

boy, things have been crazy here. i've never had so many details floating around in my head at once before. i'll list them out for you because i know how fascinating this information is.

1) chris and i tore apart our upstairs hallway and guest bedroom - took down plaster, put up drywall, fixed the wiring, primed, painted, installed new trim, sanded and polyurethaned the floors. (some of that's not done yet but within the next few days it will be)

2) as a result the rest of our house is covered in dust and is in general disarray and must be cleaned because of #3.

3) my (very tidy, some might say "neat freak") g-ma and my mom are coming to visit in one week (which i'm really very excited for - i love those ladies).

4) we leave for PAPA fest in 2 weeks and from there, we start our month long "jesus for president" tour.

5) i'm planning and managing said tour and so am receiving and sending about a million emails a day, organzing supplies for a month long bus ride, figuring out our route, thinking through and keeping track of finances and lots of other boring details. ooh. that reminds me, i need to get a house sitter.


so, in the very least of all the things you could do for me, outside of prayer, please visit the website and see if we're coming near you. and if so, come see me and hug me and rub my shoulders.


Beth D. said...

Hey, you're coming near me!

Linda said...

i'm going to try to make it up to dallas while you're there. maybe i can drag a very pregnant rachael along with me!!

love y'all. praying for all your "loca" life stuff!

Beth D. said...

Cassie, i thought this sight was cool and that you might be interested: http://www.buyhandmade.org/

let me know what you think, if you time!

Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

See you in Grand Rapids!

I will give you a hug and shoulder rub, and I will shave Chris' beard for you.

adiaspeer said...

thanks for the idea. she loves spinach so i made a spinach one for her BUT she hates eggs... so that didn't go over too well.