planting day

spring is here so early this year!(which is something not entirely to be considered good) today was so beautiful and i think the danger of frost is over. this morning was exactly what one looks for in a spring day. it felt warm and wet and our backyard was calling out to us to tend it. so chris and i spent several hours raking and sifting and planting and sorting. i'm going to put up pictures tomorrow because i'm proud of our work.

we were looking at our lettuce seeds, feeling like growth was really unlikely, (how can such a small seed, that once placed in the little hole can't even be seen, grow into something so useful - and without much work on our part?) and the age old biblical principle of the mustard seed came to mind. the bible is a garden book. i like that.

we are also reading "animal, vegetable, miracle" by barbara kingsolver
and are very inspired for this garden season. (buy or borrow this book, please) we're kind of late jumping on the agricultural bandwagon due to most of our community members growing food for us so it's nice to be getting our hands dirty.

and lastly, we have begun buying raw milk and cheeses from a farm close by. it tastes like milk should.

the end.


Christopher Speer said...

I actually woke up early (for once) that day. It was a truly beautiful morning. The first real day of spring for me.

emilyjane. said...

hellooo!! i wish i had a garden...but spring in seoul is springing, so that's nice.