bucket boys.

chris' very good friends from all the way back in junior high, mitch and vince, are drummers and perform in the bucket boys. they're great - check them out. mitch is visiting us for a couple of days and we've been having a great time. we went into the city looking for chris' book in bookstores, we bought lush-y gifts for mitch's fiance, kim, and ate pizza (which is kind of naughty and kind of legit - we've given up dairy for lent but as catholics we don't need to fast on sundays) :). it was like a vacation. i also played settlers of catan with folks this evening. that game is amazing. play it. now.


libb said...

ugh, i hate that game. regan's family is really into it. i am so bad at it. who'd you play with?

cassie haw said...

libby, it took me about an hour to finally give myself over to it. i guess it's one of those things that needs to break you down before you love it. (healthy?)
i played with chris, tim, cheryl, sarah, andrea and mitch.

Linda said...

i played with gabe (or gabe and rachael0 but gabe made all decisions and i just rolled the die. i think i need a do over on that one!!

how ya been miss??